Healing Ministry

We Help Local Churches Start an Intentional Ministry of Healing

The church is to be understood as a Healing Community. Jesus fully anticipated that his followers would continue his three-fold ministry of teaching, preaching, and healing. Not only did Jesus make healing central to his kingdom work, but he also conferred to his disciples the authority and power of God to heal as he had done. Healing is still relevant for the church today. 

 The key to starting and maintaining a vital healing ministry is prayer. Prayer is essential to the healing ministry and everything that goes on within the life and ministry of the church. The ministries of the church are to be Christ-centered, God-empowered, and life-transformative. Someone has said, "Teaching explains the gospel, preaching proclaims the gospel, but healing makes real the gospel." 

​We will come to your church or use a virtual workshop via Zoom to conduct a one or two-day workshop on Healing and Wholeness. We will use a variety of resources on healing and wholenessThis workshop will provide your congregation with the tools and resources to establish an intentional ministry of healing. These resources are Miracles of Healing in the Gospel of Mark and the Leader’s Guide, Getting Well, A Study for Children About Spiritual and Physical Healing, What Everyone Should Know About Healing, and An Adventure in Healing and Wholeness workbook.

​Contact us at (pennj910@gmail.com) to learn about our availability.